Britte van Meurs

I make films that often explore the everyday. I studied film making at LUCA School of Arts and anthropology and philosophy at University College Maastricht and FU Berlin.

t: 0467637548

Pieces of Madeleine

work in progress | Documentary | 15 min | Digital Video | 25fps

A actress living with her sausage dog Mister Brown who loses herself every now and then shows her different faces in improvisations.

LUCA School of Arts
Written by Britte van Meurs & Madeleine Smith
Camera Britte van Meurs
Sound Vince De Leenheer v5_3 gradedv3 met mix_00_08_12_04_Still005 kleiner.jpg v5_3 gradedv3 met mix_00_05_05_23_Still010 copy.jpg v5_3 gradedv3 met mix_00_13_49_09_Still016 copy.jpg v5_3 gradedv3 met mix_00_13_05_22_Still015.jpg